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Wor Tao Industrial Co. Ltd. established in 1978 in Taiwan, manufacturing Ring Temple for Water Jet Loom, Air Jet Loom and Rapier loom, Bar Temple (Full width Temple) and Temple Cylinder. The occupation rate of Taiwan market is over than 90%. In 1998 we set up the second factory in Ningbo, China also known as Ningbo Wor Tao Precision Co., Ltd. of mechanical industry, to serve the domestic customer, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia market. We have a very good experience to assist our customer solving problem with temple for thick cloth, thin cloth, high pulling force cloth, big strength contracting cloth and nylon.

Our company rotates and makes the investment to grow in 1990. Numerical control milling machine, numerical control planer-type milling machine. Numerical control milling machine is 850 types, 1000 types , 1100 types , 1300 types , type 1600 five kinds of specifications , numerical control planer-type milling machine 2 meters of x3 rice type, 2.5 meters of x4 rice type , 2.5 meters of x6 rice type , 4 meters of x10 The group is total 8 million U.S. dollars of capital cost, staff's number is 120.

Even the level of production of cast iron profiles jisG5501 (FC), jisG5502 (FCD), machine tool slide profile, profiles Ventrofix diameter of 20m / n ~ 300m / m, special-shaped profile(Valet processing parts).

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